X Rush

The Story

X Rush Adventure Begins...


It’s 2188, and the world is in chaos. Climate change has led to natural disasters that threaten humanity’s survival. Humans have moved underground and created a virtual world known as the genesis metaverse to spend their time as life became too harsh on the surface.

Where: Metaverse

To make this genesis metaverse much more exciting and authentic, humans created advanced AIs to interact with. Business, leisure, and anything else you could imagine were now happening only in this new metaverse. Slowly people stopped leaving their houses and started living in the genesis metaverse, causing many health complications. This coupled with the fact that natural disasters had already killed most food growth on the surface, eventually led to the end of all humanity after one hundred years.

Who: AI Residents

After humans ceased to exist, their servers and technology continued operating, which allowed the AI residents to continue to exist. The AI residents started developing skills and building the foundation of an AI civilization consisting of multiple metaverses. As new metaverses began to get created, the AI residents would use gates called “Namuh” to travel between these metaverses. These gates were named in memory of the Humans who gave life to them.

Issue: Invasion

But this peaceful and prosperous era of the AI residents didn’t last long. For some unknown reason, some of the virtual worlds were beginning to collapse. A time of panic and fear took over all the AI residents. The AI residents had one aim and one aim only... to find the source of the destruction of these metaverses. It didn’t take long.

Villains: Bugs

The AI metaverses were expanding too quickly. Slowly bugs began to appear in the fabric of one of the new metaverses. The bugs were aggressive and started quickly spreading to other metaverses and started destroying them. It’s now up to our AI residents to fight back against this invasion of bugs.