X Rush
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X Racer

In-game Rights
X Racer non-fungible tokens are hand-drawn by the illustrators behind the iconic 2009 multiplayer online battle arena League of Legends (“League” or LoL).
Every racer represents a customized character with an exclusive combination of headwear, glasses, accessories, outfits, races, genders, and so on.
X Racers are player-owned NFTs minted in the Kucoin Community Chain, which can be traded on the NFT marketplace to another player.
Players who hold the X Racer NFT will enjoy the following rights:
  • The rights of using X Racer NFT as profile picture in the game, others are default;
  • The rights of generating Testnet invitation code;
  • The ability to earn 50 Tokens per day, with the passive income halved every 50 days;
  • Auto-pilot mode can be activated within the game.